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Buy Credit Card Magnifier Fire Starter

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Credit Card Magnifier Fresnel Lens

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Size: 54mm x 84mm
Thickness: 0.4mm
Material: optical PVC
Groove pitch: 0.2mm
Focal length: 160mm
Protective wallet: Yes (without printing)
Small credit card magnifier lens is good for low vision care.
Lightweight, flexible, unbreakable small magnifier lens.
A personalized credit card magnifier fits easily in small wallet, pocket, case, purse.
Offers a strong 3x magnification for reading small texts.
Made of a durable plastic, easy to carry.
Perfect for reading small print, books, maps, magazines, menus.
Shorter focal length is easy to start fires as solar fire starter.
The magnifying business cards is ideal for a survival kits.
Customers' logo can be imprinted on wallet of the small Fresnel lens magnifier.
A great promotional magnifier, premium gifts & giveaways.
3Dlens has exported millions of credit card magnifier lens with wallet to UK, Canada, US and many other countries.
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9 Product Reviews - Average rating 4.8 / 5 (Show All)
Awesome credit card magnifier product!
- 2019-05-02
Recently received my order from 3Dlens - credit card magnifiers with custom printed covers. The magnifiers work great and the covers are sturdy. I give them away to my customers - everybody loves them! Great customer service and turnaround time - and nobody has a better price!
Greatbuy, great value card magnifier
- 2016-03-02
Greatbuy, great value for credit card magnifier size.
Great Credit Card Magnifier Lens and Reliable Co.
- 2013-04-26
I have placed 3 orders, recieved quickly everytime.
Very satisfied!
- 2011-06-30
Quick and reliable: package sent next day after putting order, delivered on 13th day to my house. Product as described, well packed, low price, reasonable post & package expenses (combined order: 5 credit card magnifiers and 1 large A260 lens).
Credit Card Magnifier Fresnel Lens - order received.
- 2010-11-16
My order arrived today in great shape. From the tracking you sent with the order, I could see that the package arrived in my country almost immediately.
The product is exactly as described and I am quite happy with this order.

Great card magnifier lens
- 2010-08-19
This lens works great as a magnifying glass. It is perfect for use with ClickBook from Blue Squirrel for archiving bank statement, utility bills etc. Print 8 pages per sheet of paper and use this fresnel lens to read it.
Credit Card Magnifier Feedback
- 2010-08-05
good product, good packaging, fast shipping, thanks you
great credit card magnifier
- 2010-06-01
I want to tell you that I have already received the Credit Card Magnifier that I ordered, and I want thank you for this great product and for the excellent service.
very good credit card lens
- 2010-01-17
everything good. Thank You.

The Credit Card Magnifier Fresnel Lens is an incredibly useful tool for anyone with vision problems or who struggles to read small print. This compact magnifier is the size of a credit card and can easily fit in a wallet, purse, or pocket, making it a convenient tool to carry with you wherever you go.

The credit card magnifier Fresnel lens is made of high-quality, durable, and lightweight Fresnel material, which provides clear and distortion-free magnification of up to 3X. This means that you can easily read small print on labels, maps, menus, and other documents with ease. The magnifier is also incredibly easy to use. Simply hold the lens over the text you want to read, and the enlarged print will be easy to see.

The credit card magnifier has a variety of applications, making it an essential tool for anyone who needs a little extra help with their vision. Here are some examples of situations where the magnifier can be particularly useful:

Reading the small print on medication labels: If you have difficulty reading the small print on medication labels, the Credit Card Magnifier Fresnel Lens can help you read the dosage instructions and other important information.
Reading menus in dimly lit restaurants: When dining out, the lighting in many restaurants can be dim, making it difficult to read the menu. The magnifier can help you read the menu with ease, without having to ask for assistance.
Reading maps: If you are traveling and need to read a map, the magnifier can help you read the small print on the map, making it easier to navigate.
Reading books and newspapers: If you enjoy reading books and newspapers, but struggle with the small print, the credit card magnifier Fresnel lens can help you read with ease.
Overall, the Credit Card Magnifier Fresnel Lens is an essential tool for anyone who needs a little extra help with their vision. Its compact size and easy-to-use design makes it a convenient tool to carry with you wherever you go, and its high-quality, distortion-free magnification ensures that you can read small print with ease.