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Pelicula polarizada 3D
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Pelicula Polarizador LCD 17 Pulgadas

Product ID P17

Pelicula Polarizador LCD 17 Pulgadas

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Tamaño: 272mm x 340mm
Superficie: glossy
Tipo óptico: transmisivo
Transmitancia: simple(42.5%); paralelo(36%); cruzado(0.05%)
Color: gris neutro
Eficiencia de polarización: 99.72%
Eje de polarización: 45°
Longitud de onda: 400~700nm
Protección UV: Sí
Anti-reflejo: Sí
Antideslumbrante: Sí
Amplio ángulo de visión: Sí
Fuerza adhesiva:> 100g/25mm
Resistencia al rayado: Sí, 250g/cm²
Espesor: 0.18mm
Dirección: lineal
Durabilidad: 60°C/90%HR/750 horas de prueba aprobada
Pegamento adhesivo: un lado
Película protectora: ambos lados
Embalaje: lámina protectora de espuma EPE y cartón
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Price: US$12.99
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Order number: 23686
- 2016-01-07
I am not free to make a comment at this time as to the quality of this product, as I have not yet received it. I will asssume a 5 star rating. This is due to the shipping and ordering process, and the customer follow-up involved, which have been excellent! I look forward to receiving this product in a timely manner to further confirm my opinion of the professional services rendered by
Respectfully, George Bowling
LCD polarizer
- 2012-04-28
Thank you for updating me with the status of my order.

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