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    What is Fresnel Lens?

    The Fresnel lens was invented by French physicist Augustin Fresnel, who first used this design to build a glass Fresnel lens - lighthouse lens in 1822.

    The Fresnel lens is a thin, flat optical lens which consists of a series of small narrow concentric grooves on the surface of a lightweight plastic sheet in order to reduce the thickness, weight and cost. Each groove is at a slightly different angle than the next and with the same focal length in order to focus the light toward a central focal point. Every groove can be considered as an individual small lens to bend parallel Fresnel light waves and focus the light.

    The Fresnel lens can now be made from plastic such as acrylic, PMMA, PVC and HDPE. A traditional glass convex lens would be thick, heavy and very expensive, but a plastic Fresnel lens is a thin, flat, lightweight and low cost alternative.

    The applications for Fresnel lenses include lighting, overhead projector, Fresnel magnifier, projection, solar energy, passive motion detector and LED magnifier. To determine the optical Fresnel lens design equation, all of the parameters are determined for each individual application. Several Fresnel zone formulas are used in Fresnel technologies for precision diamond tooling machines and electroforming and molding processes.

    What is polarizer?

    A polarizer absorbs light only in the molecular axis direction but allows light in the perpendicular direction to pass through.
    The polarizer is one of the key components of the LCD. Its function is to control the transmittance or shielding of light, to enhance color contrast and provide crucial characteristics of LCD.

    Basically, the polarizer is structured in 3 layers; polarizer film (PVA) and support layers (TAC), on both sides of polarizer. Onto this bare polarizer, additional treatments are applied such as an adhesive glue, hard coating, antiglare, anti-reflection and other surface treatments.

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